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This year, we had around 40 artists from all around the world that came to chouftouhonna.

It’s a quote from an Indian historian, Anasua Sengupta (we realized after that Hilary Clinton used it in a speech, it wasn’t our first inspiration!

I think this quote resume what we try to fight with chouftouhonna, all the social taboo that exists around women in life but also in art.

We try to give visibility but also a voice to women artists and activists without censorship.

The initiative was at first to create a space for Tunisian women artists and amateur where they can meet and show their work.

Article 11 of the Public Employment Law of 1983 regulating jobs in the public sector prohibits any form of discrimination between men and women.

Law expert Mazen Korshide told Al-Monitor, "The Labor Code regulates employment in the private sector.

Article 5 of said law prohibits any gender-based discrimination in general.