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There were signs of extreme exhaustion in her manner. She wanted the security of a family and the warmth of a real friendship.

And 3) family and friends and radical Moslems who will criticize her for corrupting their image!

It breaks my heart and I assure you that Zahra would prefer to be tasered like Mostafa Tabatabainejad 10 times more than being in this situation!

Many of you may not know what the meaning of "being trapped" in Iran is. No matter what the reason, "siaasi" or "akhlaaghi" (political or moral), they have a way to make you feel you want to die. Mahsa Meshki I like to say, that in exercising her passion, Ansari has exercised godliness and perhaps attained it.

To illustrate my case, I would like to call 'the renewed virgin' to the stand Hiedeh Farmani I am a married woman living in conservative Iran, where women are expected to keep their hymens intact for wedlock and many among more traditional families still have to get their virginity verified by a doctor before tying the knot -- to guarantee the future groom has not been sold damaged goods.

Yet, marriages fail and divorce rates are ramping up.

Not even touching on the next 15, I tried my best to tell them I’ve had enough. None would hear of it Azam Nemati I want to help out the brothers and make the task less stressful since many of you are so clueless and have no imagination when it comes to buying gifts for us for any occasion.

I am the kindhearted big sister who wants you to shine and let’s remember this is not about me but having heard all the complaints, I want to make it simple despite the myth that women are complicated. The first are those who truly value anything that shows thoughtfulness as corny as it sounds.

I was aware of my tumors a good year before that and did absolutely nothing about them.