Start Updating your flashpaq

Updating your flashpaq

You won’t see much of a difference in acceleration without the chip, this is probably the reason for the steep price.” “The Super Chips web site needs a lot of work to up date, but once you get it updated it was easy to install on my F-350 and then put it back to stock then install it on my Mustang GT. Tags: Cortex, Cortex 1950, Cortex reviews, Superchip, Superchips, Superchips Cortex, Superchips Cortex Programmer, Superchips Cortex Programmer Reviews, Superchips Cortex Reviews, Superchips Cortex Tuner, Superchips Cortex Tuner Reviews, Superchips Reviews . Comments: Leave a comment Now that you’ve installed the Superchips Cortex 2950, you may have some questions about when you might see power and performance gains. Check out this thread on the Superchips Forum regarding horsepower gains, mileage and other performance attributes.

1 Visit availability 2 Windows XP, 2000 or higher (MAC, UNIX, LINUX Not supported) Caution The “Performance” and “Towing” Tuning Levels require that you use at least 91 octane fuel.

Using a lower octane fuel while the “Performance” or “Towing” Tuning Level is selected may cause “pinging” that can be harmful to your vehicle.

It is also capable of data logging (0-60mph or 1/4mile times etc). P increases and on average 4-5% increase in gas mileage. Had already installed magaflow, K&N air mileage improved…from very poor for a small truck.

I know it is not 100% accurate but it definetly gives you an idea of your gains over stock after certain tuning adjustments. All in all I think it is an excellent value and if you ever out grow the tuner than you can always resale it and pick up a good portion of what you spent on it. – Good programmer, very easy to use, I just keep it in my glove box and pull it out whenever I need adjustments. This is my first mod and the first time I’ve really done anything to my truck. We live in Key West,so always stop and go..” September 25, 2008 Categories: Reviews .

It’s worth it for me just to clear trouble codes instead of paying an arm and a leg at the dealer. Tags: Superchips Cortex, Superchips Cortex Programmer Reviews, Superchips Cortex Reviews, Superchips Cortex Tuner Reviews .

And, let's be honest, not knowing your speed is an excuse a police office just won't accept when you are pulled over.

Part throttle, as well as Wide Open Throttle is covered with Superchips FLASHPAQ Tuning.

Superchips calibrations include 91 Octane Performance, 87 Octane Economy, and 91 Octane Towing Performance for stock vehicles.

This application is designed to work on any JK Wrangler, however some features may only work on 2011-17 versions.

1998-2003 Dodge Dakota, Dodge Ram V6 3.9L 2000-2003 Dodge Dakota, Dodge Durango, Ram V8 4.7L 1999-2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 4.7L ** 1998-2000 Dodge Dakota, Dodge Durango V8 5.2L 1998-2001 Dodge Ram V8 5.2L 2003-2008 Dodge HEMI Ram V8 5.7L * 1998-2003 Dodge Dakota, Dodge Durango, Dodge Ram V8 5.9L Vehicle Programming Instructions: PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE INSTRUCTION SHEET BEFORE YOU PROCEED Thank you for choosing Superchips’ new FLASHPAQ Tuner, a state-of-the-art, high powered tuning and data acquisition1 tool.

In addition, this Flashcal will adjust your engine idle for winching, sound the horn and flash exterior lighting on Keyless Locking, provide a daytime running light option and one touch lane change, read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, and can toggle your tires' TPMS on/off - all from a high-definition 2.8" color screen.