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He seeks emotional support without returning it, he gives unnecessary directions, he assumes that his opinion is more valid and more accurate than a woman’s regardless of his expertise or lack of it on a particular issue. The analogy is that a chauvinist tends to treat women in the same way as an adult treats a child: he may be affectionate and even benevolent, but he isn’t an egalitarian.

It is, however, frequently a precursor of disaster in one’s personal life.

The potentate might have as many as up to a thousand wives, and to relieve himself of the burden and responsibility of supervising them all, he would employ eunuchs.

The eunuchs involved were castrated when they were young and grew up in a kind of limbo between the male world and the female one.

For instance, the powerful politician who marries a vibrant, beautiful young wife may benefit from the attention she garners him on the campaign trail and at fund-raisers while she benefits from the social status and privileges bestowed on her as his wife. “We will love each other, we do love each other, we will act as lovers, but we will not physically be lovers.” While they are not lovers in the conventional sense of the word, they are perceived by most to be in a love relationship.

—Jayson Van Verten It would be a pleasant change if one could select as lovers only men who were free of chauvinism.

Alas, since it’s the culture as well as individuals who are androcentric (man centered), there are still relatively few such creatures around.

Although they are becoming less rare with each passing generation. The chauvinist isn’t necessarily full of hate: he simply has a fundamental sense of man’s superiority to women and, therefore, a fundamental belief in the intrinsic rightness of existing traditional sex roles.

On #Novara FM, James Butler is joined by Zoe Williams, Ash Sarkar and Eleanor Penny to discuss the centenary of the Representation of the People Act 1918, which offered limited suffrage to women, and discuss the changing face of feminism in the past century.