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The Beijing Olympics' cost of USD 6.8 billion compares with costs of USD 4.6 billion for Rio 2016 and USD 15 billion for London 2012.

The games were deemed highly successful with the rising standard of competition among nations across the world.

Over time, the results, and image, of the Games were particularly badly affected by retrospective doping positives.

Members of the IOC did not disclose their votes, but news reports speculated that broad international support led to China's selection, especially from developing nations who had received assistance from China in the construction of stadiums.

The size of China, its increased enforcement of doping controls, and sympathy concerning its loss of the 2000 Summer Olympics to Sydney were all factors in the decision.

Prior to the session, five other cities (Bangkok, Cairo, Havana, Kuala Lumpur, and Seville) had submitted bids to the IOC, but failed to make the short list chosen by the IOC Executive Committee in 2000.

After the first round of voting, Beijing held a significant lead over the other four candidates. In the second round, Beijing was supported by a majority of voters, eliminating the need for subsequent rounds.

Beijing was awarded the Games over four competitors on 13 July 2001, having won a majority of votes from members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after two rounds of voting.

The Government of the People's Republic of China promoted the Games and invested heavily in new facilities and transportation systems.

Following a Russian doping scandal in 2016, a large re-examination of samples took place, leading to significant numbers of disqualifications, particularly in Athletics and Weightlifting. Russia is a leading country with 14 medals stripped.

Beijing was elected as the host city for the 2008 Summer Olympics on 13 July 2001, during the 112th IOC Session in Moscow, defeating bids from Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, and Osaka.

Chinese athletes won the most gold medals with 48, and with 98 medals in total became only the 7th different Olympic team to top an overall medal tally.