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Presbyterian dating

This building was chosen as an exhibit at the Pretoria University School of Architecture 50 year Alumni exhibition held at the Pretoria Art Gallery in 1993.

It can always be argued that it is fairly easy to recycle an existing building, particularly a building as fine as this former Methodist Church.

The external facades, however, only provide a glimpse of the innovation and care with which the Interior has been converted.

It’s foundation stone was laid on 18 December 1917 with a quote in Dutch from Matthew , but was removed at some point.

The community also built a church on 1st Ave Melville in 1935 that still stands (more detail further down).

I’ve broken it up into two sections: The first section covers those that are no longer used as places of worship starting with the oldest.

The second section covers those that are still used although the denomination may have changed over time. I started this piece in January 2016 with a list of about 40 buildings.

Even though the internal structure lends itself to a dramatic spatial experience, credit is given to the heightening of the drama through sensitive and sensible planning, the choice of contrasting finishes, the use of colour and the visual excitement created.