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Google gadget news sidebar not updating

You can display a small amount of status text next to the title of a toolbar button using a toolbar-specific namespace extension to RSS or ATOM.

Single color alpha channels, like GIF images, will have grainy-looking rounded exterior edges compared to a properly built alpha-blended icon, such as the ones on the Google Toolbar or Internet Explorer itself.

One of the more interesting things a custom button can do is update its own button image and tooltip from a remote server at specific intervals. This allows a button to be used as a notification device, or as a status icon (for example, the weather, or whatever you can imagine).

When clicked on, a search button can perform any of the following tasks: Custom Buttons).

If your button does search, the title should be unique to all your search custom button title, as it also functions as that button name in the Google Toolbar search box.

(For example, the user can go to the search box with Alt-G, press the down arrow to pull down the search engine menu, then type "w" in the search box to select the "wikipedia" search engine.) Use The Google Toolbar also enables you to create a button to execute most any website's search engine using the term the user types into the toolbar search box.

The next two examples include a button to search the using the Wikipedia search engine, and another button to search the Internet using the Google search engine. It is possible for a web site to use form-encoded data instead of url-encoded data, and we do not currently support that.

Windows XP allows users to customize their color scheme, including toolbar backgrounds.