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How long has britney spears been dating jason trawick

Still, Spears—who once romanced a paparazzo and married a high-school friend for 55 hours—doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to men. Trawick, 40, is often credited with performing a kind of Houdini act on Britney, 30.

Nevertheless, she’s poised to debut as a judge on The X Factor this week, and sources say that Trawick was key in convincing her to accept a $15 million, one-year contract to join the Simon Cowell singing Olympics.

During audition rounds, gossip sites were salivating at reports that Spears frequently had to abandon her judge’s perch for a break—it became part of the hype of the show—and, according to one TV source, Trawick was always waiting in the wings.

He accomplished this turnaround first as the agent who signed her to William Morris Endeavor Entertainment in 2008. In 2011, Trawick quit his job to focus solely on Britney—and last December, they got engaged.