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1, 1988 must have completed a safety certification course.

Any courses other than the ones listed below will not be recognized in the state of Wisconsin.

To reduce the potential for accidents, injuries and fatalities; to reduce the potential for conflict between participants, landowners and other resource users; and to promote safe, responsible and ethical use of the environment and our resources.

Those qualifying do not need to purchase a small game license; the certificate is the license for the established time period.

First time graduates are also exempt from the requirement to purchase the pheasant and state waterfowl stamps while the certificate is valid for small game hunting.

The basic course consists of 10 lessons during a minimum of 10 hours.

Students learn how hunting accidents are caused and how they can be prevented.

Hunter responsibility and safety are stressed throughout the classes, which consist of lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, practical exercises and individual study and activity assignments.