Start Are shaq and rocsi dating

Are shaq and rocsi dating

Image Source: Ke Ke told Madame Noire that she’s one of Hollywood’s single celebrities because men don’t approach her because they’re too intimidated.

Which of your favorite celebrities is missing from the dating pool?

Not everyone in Hollywood is making up and breaking up.

A source said that the two were holding hands at a private table.

Both stars broke up with their significant others last year.

After previously dating Eddie Murphy, Rocsi Diaz may have found her prince charming in a 7-foot-1 baller.

According to eyewitness accounts, Shaquille O’Neal is the current apple of Rocsi’s eye and he was recently spotted with the 29-year-old beauty.

Either Janelle’s focusing hard on her career or she’s dating a special someone that she’s keeping a closely guarded secret.