Start Flash 8 datagrid updating flash remoting cfc

Flash 8 datagrid updating flash remoting cfc

Note that the properties of the data type are the query columns returned from the CFC method.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

Adobe Flash Builder 4 has a Data Management wizard that makes it easy for you to map Cold Fusion server-side create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) business logic to data service calls and then apply them to UI controls.

Learn how to use Flex and AIR with Live Cycle Data Services and Cold Fusion.

We will demonstrate using LCDS’s powerful Data Management features to push data into our Flex application from both databases and other sources available to Cold Fusion in real time.

For the add and update operations, you will pass a complex object, in this case the Employee Sales Data data type, to the CFC.

The In this section you will add Button controls to the display that the user will click to add, delete, or save the employee sales data.

You define the UI control that will display the master list of users to edit, and then you generate a form to display and edit the detail information.

In this tutorial, you will populate a Combo Box control with a data list of employees and customize the display.

Next, you will generate a form that presents editable information about a selected employee.

Lastly, you implement a button to update the employee's record in the database.

You will see the Employee Sales Data data type listed in the Data Types category of the Data/Services view (see Figure 6).