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Chris richardson dating lindsay

And it’s – as the blood tries to get a release.” He continued, “I was told she was brain dead. Her heart, her kidneys and her liver.” Neeson calls it “terrific And I think she would be very thrilled and pleased by that too, actually.” On a happier note, Neeson also reminisced over when, in 1993, he and Richardson starred together in on Broadway.

“When I was in the air the pilot was told, ‘Listen, divert your flight to Montreal because she’s gonna be taken to the – the big hospital in Montreal.’ I got a taxi to this hospital and uh – this doctor, he looked all of 17, showed me her X-ray.

And you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see what was happening.” As he explained, “The brain’s squashed up against the side of the skull. It’s – I don’t know if you can hear me, but that’s – this is what’s gone down. All your family and friends will come.’ And that was more or less it.” Neeson also revealed that the couple – who married in 1994 – had “made a pact” if “any of us got into a vegetative state that we’d pull the plug.” He added that, as an organ donor, Richardson “donated three of her organs, so she’s keeping three people alive at the moment.

Five years after Natasha Richardson’s tragic death stemming from a skiing accident, Liam Neeson is speaking out. I’ve taken a tumble in the snow.’ That’s how she described it,” Neeson told Anderson Cooper on Sunday’s episode of .

(born July 2, 1986) is an American actress, businesswoman, fashion designer, and former singer.

She would then star in her last Disney film, Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005), and Just My Luck (2006).

Lohan had become subjected to intensive media coverage following legal troubles and visits to rehabilitation facilities.

In 2013, the couple was indicted on 39 counts of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and making false statements on loan applications.