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The concept of social process refers to some of the general and recurrent forms that social interaction may take.

According to Horton and Hunt, “The term social process refers to the repetitive form of behaviour which are commonly found in social life”. But we find some fundamental social processes that are found to appear repeatedly in society.

These fundamental processes are socialisation, cooperation, conflict, competition, accommodation, acculturation and assimilation etc.

The struggle for exists forces the human beings not only to form groups but also to cooperate with each other.

The term ‘cooperation’ has been derived from two Latin words – ‘Co’ meaning ‘together and Operary meaning ‘to work’.

The comprehensive or master processes are (1) Communication, (2) Boundary maintenance, (3) System linkage, (4) Social control, (5) Socialisation and (6) Institutionalisation. Accordingly, social process have been classified into two broad categories, variously entitled ‘conjunctive and disjunctive, ‘associative and dissociative’.

The associative or conjunctive social processes are positive.

These social processes work for the solidarity and benefit of society.

This category of social processes include cooperation, accommodation, assimilation and acculturation etc.

Communication may be the form of direct person to person or it may take place through some medium of long-range contact such as the telephone, telegraph, television etc.

Social interaction usually takes place in the forms of cooperation’s, competition, conflict, accommodation and assimilation.

Loomis classified social processes into two categories; the elemental and the comprehensive or master processes.