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because this situation is now unbearable because that change for us the clients that speak Spanish … PLEASE WE NEED IN CUSTUMER SERVICE IN SPANISH WHEN THE $$$ YOU SPEAK YOU NEED TO UNDESTAND WELL THANKS Reply I have been a customer with US bank for over 7 years.

My mistake was not realizing I had to delete them from accessing my account so I successfully removed the ACH pay to US Bank.

If you call to them and they refer you to another department but then you spoke with another department and they give you another number and so forth. And who would not be frustrated till now they said it’s still processing and all.

Very poor customer service, till now I would not refer any friends or family to Us bank.

Due to their horrible customer service I closed my checking and savings account and took my possessions out of the security box. They have debited my credit card with multiple charges that are duplicates and disputes that they not only didn’t investigate properly but then came back and redebited my credit card favoring the vendors word against mine!!! Reply So I have filed a fraud claim from November 2017 till today haven’t heard anything solutions through my money is in my account.

Your customer service which I have called so many times I’ve lost count has kept me on hold for hours trying to resolve this and when I go get through they question me like I’m trying to get out of paying. Unprofessional, very very bad customer service sooooo horrible than any other customer service company I’ve known.

I received receipts for each account for my records.

At the same time, since I’d moved to Texas 3 years prior, I closed my checking and savings at the same time.

Customer service doesn’t have the authority to help me…I’m told it’s my job to SUBMIT WRITTEN REQUEST for their COLLECTIONS division to investigate this matter. I told them, that’s not my job or my problem, it’s theirs since I paid the account off to the penny a year ago!