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This should make it easier to wean him off the night-light once he's ready.

It depends on your toddler's age, and why you think he needs a night-light.

Night-lights can be a source of comfort for children who are afraid of the dark or scared of monsters.

When your toddler gets a bit older, you'll be able to talk to him about anything that's worrying him or keeping him up at night.

He'll also get better at telling the difference between fantasy and reality.

In this case, he'll probably sleep better in a dark room. For example, you may have used one for late feeds when your toddler was a baby.

If he objects to it being taken away, this is probably just because he's surprised by the change. If you do use a night-light, choose one that provides enough light for comfort but doesn't illuminate the room too much.

Create a consistent bedtime routine which lets him know it's time for sleep. Once the routine is finished, put your baby down in his cot while he is drowsy but still awake.

Make soothing activities, such as a warm bath and massage part of the routine. He'll probably then drift off to sleep without much protest.

Or you could simply make your baby's last feed the start of his bedtime routine.

Though your instinct may not be to wake a sleeping baby, keep the bigger picture in mind.

By this time she is fully awake and nit ready to go back to sleep.