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That double-whammy involves barrel Cheddar prices topping block Cheddar prices in USDAs Class III (cheese) milk pricing formula. Wiegel explains the issues, and strongly urges that more research into Kappa Casein Es functionality be conducted in the U. Writer Ken Rabas offers his personal insights about curd formation issues involving milk from cows with the Kappa Casein E gene.

Sales of fat-reduced dairy products have been, and are, in the toilet. On December 6, GENYOUth is hosting a gala fundraiser in New York City. John Bobbe, the director of OFARM (an organic grain marketing co-op), details the latest troubling developments involving imports of fraudulent organic grain. This latest event follows months of scandals involving bribery of politicians, meat plant inspectors and bankers. That move will cost many Grassland producers a few hundred dollars per cow per year.

Individual seats at that banquet cost from $2,500 to $15,000. Bobbe concludes that USDAs under-funded organic grain police are no match for organized crime elements in Eastern Europe and Russia that are flooding the U. USDA hastily released three years of Reports to Congress on the dairy promotion programs.

On DFAs audit, the co-op claims an asset of $375 million called Preferred Equity Securities.

However, DFA is paying interest on that asset, which bears a pay-back date for holders.

USDA coughed up those reports following embarrassment as the Organization for Competitive Markets and the National Dairy Producers Organization revealed the governments failure to release that info in September.

In late September, USDAs National Organic Program dismissed a complaint filed by The Cornucopia Institute against Colorado-based Aurora Organic Dairy. In some regions, crop volumes and quality are of concern.

A shady Chinese investor who purchased a famous Italian soccer club A. Block Cheddar, nonfat dry milk, and Grade A butter are all down at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. With his permission, we reprint an excellent article from Farm and Food File syndicated columnist Alan Guebert. Write Nate Wilson explains his months long struggle to find out exactly how much in subsidies the New York State Economic Development Corp. Even his State Senator, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, couldnt get a straight answer from that state agency. dairy industry focus on selling more dairy products domestically with more net money going to the producer. Dairy Export Council, advises that Canadas farm production for dairy, poultry and pork must be gotten rid of, in a more liberal trade environment. Jan Shepel interviews UW-Madison Dairy Science department head Dr.

Pete Hardin warns how undue allegiance to exports has caused three agricultural Depressions in the past century, and we may well be working on a fourth. Two current cheese pricing problems are hammering some cheese plants. Kent Weigel about concerns that a variant of bovine milk proteins Kappa Casein E may not allow curd formation in cheese vats as efficiently as milk from dairy cows without the Kappa Casein E gene.

USDA found Aurora in complete compliance with organic pasture standards. Result: Price for dairy livestock are generally down.

Some Agri-Mark members will pay higher stop charge fees to their co-op, starting in January 2018. For the farmer being picked up every other day, thats an extra $600/month in extra marketing costs paid to the co-op. The hike is based upon a recent internal milk hauling study. dairy farmers have probably never heard of that group. Some buyers are looking for breeding age and short-bred heifers.

At the earliest, that legislation will be considered in late January 2018. Hardin proposes regionalizing feed costs and net milk prices to make MPP-Dairy work properly along with a lot of other overdue changes for federal diary policy.