Start Han ye suel and eric dating

Han ye suel and eric dating

She also states, “It taks lots of energy to film the drama ‘New Employee'.

Even though all his parents want from him was for him to be an A student, he seems talented in many areas other than in academics.

His athletic talents were noticed when he was an elementary school student.

Being a freeloader, he doesn't mind buttering up his little brother to get some pocket money.

However, he never feels bad about his situation and always keeps his spirits high.

Han Ga-In photo, movie clips/trailers, CM............... F/meeting20.mpg – Yun Jung Hoon and Han Ga In attend the press conference held at p.m. They officially announce their wedding date is on 4/26.

When reporters ask them why they decide to get married early, HGI states, “I am attracted by YJH's warm personality. However, if I miss this love, it will be hard to catch it again.” YJH states that it is very important to live a happy life with the good person once he met her.

After the wedding, they will live in YJH's father's house at Kyunggido.

They will have their honeymoon after HGI completes her new drama “New Employee”.

Due to YJH's age, he has to enlist in the military service by the end of 2005.

Source from soompi.com1/4/05 – In the press conference of the movie “Daddy-Long-Legs (키다리 아저씨)” held on 1/3, Yun Jung Hoon (27) announces that he and Han Ga In (23) will get married in April.

HGI's new drama “New Employee” will be broadcasted after the final episode of YJH's drama “Sad Sonata”.