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Karnataka dating

The tourists are allowed to go in jeeps to the pond where the waterfall reaches the ground.

Ballala Rayana Durga Ballalarayana Durga: The ancient ruins of the Hoysala fort are located on top of a hill.

One can have a amazing view of the Western Ghats from the parapet of this ancient fort.

This could affect the rare bird, reptile and insect species in these parts.

The area has remained pristine as it is not connected by road.

“The Railways has suspended its stop at the Dudhsagar railway station.

Last weekend, around 5,000 people passed through the waterfall bridge,” said an official from the Bhagawan Mahaveer Nation Park, Goa.

A cave here is believed to have been sanctified by the residence of Shri Dattatreya swamy and Hazarat Dada Hayath Mir Khalandar and other saints.