Start Updating lock screen text to ruim

Updating lock screen text to ruim

Pressing and holding notifications allows you to store them inside folders, block them, or snooze them for later.

It looks like Microsoft is integrating the functionality from that over to the official Glance Screen.

Also, if you want functionality that is above and beyond what Glance currently offers, there are utilities like Day Glance that aim to do just that.

As for the update, do note that you have to restart your phone for the changes to be visible.

Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.

Routines allow you to change which widgets, clock style, and UI colors you’d like to display according to the time of day.

For instance, set a routine for work and Good Lock will show you productivity short cuts, widgets, and maybe even more business-like UI colors.

This is why the app listing in the Galaxy Apps store says “update” instead of install.

Although it’s easy to be hard on Good Lock — the experimental UI can only be described as one big cluster f*ck — we have to admit, It’s fun to play around with.

After Samsung introduced a new UI for the Galaxy S6, we didn’t see many changes for this year’s Galaxy S7.

Sure the notification shade received a color swap, but for the most part, things mostly remained the same.

We’re talking lock screen, notifications, recents — the whole nine. The first thing users will notice is a totally revamped lock screen, one that now has widgets, odd notification management, and even an apps tray that can be dragged up to display 16 different app shortcuts.