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Bahia dating in salvador

But the best known attractions have been created over the last centuries, since the start of colonization.

Brazil is quite rich with petroglyphs - they are located in many regions around the country with many new sites discovered in Amazon Rainforest and elsewhere.

Last decades have brought to attention the existance of several ancient developed cultures in Amazon basin.

The oldest is the Gavião block in the WSW part of the studied area, and comprises granitic, granodioritic and migmatitic continental crust including remnants of 3.4 Ga TTGs which are amongst the oldest rocks in South America, and are associated with Archean greenstone belts.

The youngest segment is exposed in the Itabuna–Salvador–Curaça belt which extends from SE Bahia along the Atlantic coast to Salvador, then northwards into NE Bahia.

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Ancient builders of this structure used interesting methods to mark the winter solstice - this site served as an ancient astronomical observatory.

During your valuable vacation time you will want to experience the heart of Brazil.

A granodioritic gneiss from the Mairi complex, located on the eastern boundary of the Mundo Novo greenstone belt, exhibits a zircon evaporation minimum age of 3.04 Ga and a Nd model age of 3.2 Ga.

Recent geological, geochronological and isotopic studies allow the identification of four important crustal segments in the basement of the São Francisco Craton in Bahia.

The list below most certainly can be longer - Brazil belongs to most biodiverse countries of the world with multiple locations where unusual species of plants and animals are confined to a small area.