Start Male sex chat lines for women

Male sex chat lines for women

They're also likely to want more sex (low levels of testosterone have been shown to produce the opposite effect). If you have poor body image, an uptight family background, bad early sexual experiences or a partner who is insensitive, lazy or just not that nice, then your sex drive very likely would take a nose-dive. Let's just consider the subject these experts are spending so much time and money to argue about, using real examples from a group of women who agreed to talk honestly about their sex lives. I don't care if I never have sex again,' she admits. Monica is 35 and also uninterested in sex with her long-time partner, but feels ' overwhelming feelings of desire' for a colleague at work with whom she is having an affair. 'Since my late 40s, I've had the wonderful experience of a late-blossoming sex drive, and I absolutely love it.' Claire is 24 and in a new relationship with Tom: 'We spend days at a time in bed.

She may also have a wider waist and have more facial or body hair than low-testosterone women.' The link with high-risk behaviour is also true, he says.

'I hate generalising, but yes, it wouldn't be unusual for a woman with high levels of testosterone to indulge in high-risk behaviour - to drive a fast sports car or motorbike, for example.' But, insist the psychologists, these signs do not necessarily mean a woman has a high sex drive.

Female desire also changes over time, though in a different way to men's.

Males are at their sexual peak, in terms of desire, when they're still adolescents.

Did she go into banking because she had high testosterone levels, or did she develop high testosterone levels because she went into banking?

' The same question can be applied to sex itself, says Dr Simpson.

'Hormone treatments are an important development,' says Dr John Moran, a sexual dysfunction expert with the Holistic Medical Clinic in London.

'It has been very positive in the past decade or so to see that women's sexuality is being properly acknowledged and served by medical research'.

Psychologists agree that our sex drive is linked to reproduction, but believe that it leads us to men with 'good genes' who we sense will make good fathers and remain loyal to us.

Ten or 20 years on, of course, the original reason for our desire may have evaporated, and the rich man or the good man is now as familiar as an old sweater.

Our hormone levels are dictated partly by genetics, partly by lifestyle and life stages, and partly by our experiences.