Start Silverlight xap not updating

Silverlight xap not updating

I take a quick look at that move on IMDB and I see that after the title there is that additional (I), so that must be causing the issue.

Here you can see the download loading in Excel 2010.

To split the column I am going to use a custom delimiter of a space and left parenthesis.

Now you can see the new column that was created and I have two columns, Title.1 and Title.2 Now I am going to cleanup the Title.2 column and replace the right parenthesis.

As you begin to use the new Power View reporting feature that is available with the Reporting Services 2012 integration in Share Point 2010 one of the things that you will need to assess is how you are going to allow the users to access the reports.

What are the different options that you have when providing access to the Power View report files (rdlx) in Share Point?

In MDT 2010 when I am in the Deployment Wizard I can select the option to join a domain, enter in my domain and near the bottom I have the option to select my OU with a dropdown menu.

Within my control folder of my deployment share I have a file called Domain that has a long list of all the OUs I want our techs to be able to select from. It s quick change to Deploy Wiz_to make the wizard display friendly names rather than the OU style. Add o Option Machine Object OUOptional = "inline"End function I personally like to add *EX style function like this, it means that we can reduce the number of changed lines in the code, and keep the old version of the function around for compatibility.

Based on the top 250 ranked movies from IMDB we can see that the average PG-13 movie has a rating of 8.2 and “The Dark Knight” has the highest rating of 8.9 with over 900 thousand votes.