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There is also a replica of a pre-Columbian grave containing 88 gold objects which was unearthed on a banana plantation in southeastern Costa Rica in the 1950s.

Some of the most popular beaches are: José is the seat of national government, the focal point of political and economic activity, and the major transportation hub.

The city's many attractions include historical museums, theaters and wonderful restaurants serving Latin American cuisine.

archaeological museum, housing an extensive collection of pre-Columbian artifacts and is home to the largest collection in the world of pre-Columbian jade, semi precious stone.

The jade, gold ceramic and stone objects are all accompanied by graphics and Spanish textual explanations complete with English translations, giving visitors insight into their use and historical context.

Costa Rica is a stunning country with a lot to offer its visitors.

It is bordered to the East and Northeast by the Caribbean sea; to the West by the Pacific Ocean; to the Southeast by Panama and to the North by Nicaragua.

This is due to its geographical location between the North and South American continents, it's neotropical climate and its wide variety of habitats. Visitors can see a wide variety of fungi and plants in addition to beautiful butterflies, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

Costa Rica has nearly 300 different beaches along its stunning Pacific and Caribbean coastlines.

Some of the most popular national parks are: La Paz waterfall Gardens is the most visited privately owned ecological attraction in Costa Rica, featuring great hiking near San Jose, famous waterfalls and a rescued wildlife preserve with over 100 species of animals.

is 290 metres deep and is quite active with frequent small geyser and lava eruptions, however the last major eruptions were during 1952-54.

The sand can vary from white, black, or brown coloration with variations from shells or scattered with rocks to soft, fine sand.