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I use everything I learned in music school on a daily basis. Did you ever listen to the Orange County metalcore band 18 Visions? Do you have any advice for female musicians, especially drummers?

(Dock their pay for every bum note.) How much of the material you studied in school applies to what you do on a day-to-day basis? Do you feel any kind of responsibility as a role model for female musicians? Because female drummers get a bad rap, like we can’t play as well or hit as hard because it is a very physical instrument. What’s it like being a woman in a rowdy band like Motley Crue? I’m sure you knew what you were getting into, but I’m sure it still wasn’t easy.

We have the same management team, so when he was looking for a band, my name came up as a candidate for “Perfect Drummer Extraordianare.” Actually, truth be told, I think he lost a bet and that’s how I wound up playing drums for Brother Clyde. What kind of adjustments (if any) did you have to make as a drummer? It might sound dumb, but I still think of you first and foremost as the drummer for Shift, playing the Velvet Elvis in Seattle back in 1995 or whatever.

Although the Brother Clyde album is a rock record and sounds like Johnny Cash meets Stone Temple Pilots, since playing with Billy Ray I actually have an interest in listening to country music. Can you talk a little bit about your experience in that band?

Well, I am a size 8.5 mens and word on the street is he has big shoes, but that wasn’t a concern for me. You have played plenty of hardcore shows, as well as put in time as the drummer for hipster sensation Peaches’ live band. I have met and played with some of the biggest artists out there, and I would give it all up to play drums with Leeway. And I have dealt with some of the craziest singers this world has to offer. Versatility, accountability, reliability and just being cool.