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Schomer compensates his artists well and emphasizes the undivided attention artists receive at such a focused, intimate affair.

Because the artists come from distinct genres, the odds of two acts sharing the same audience is slimmer than at other shows.

Afterwards, the groups break up as each person returns to watch their favorite act of the evening perform a final, 30-minute set.

What makes the shows so special is a balance of established and relatively undiscovered acts, each playing a different genre of music.

Tickets are only $9, and include a free drink and the opportunity to reserve a prime seat for the main Nerd Nite event. the North Door bar– it’s cozy, and we think you’ll really like the atmosphere.

Meet friendly and fascinating nerds, let us know which ones you’d like to talk to again, and if the feeling is mutual, we’ll make sure that you can get in touch later.

At NPR, Schomer produced the first six episodes of “All Songs Considered.” Because of his rich background in the world of music, he’s the perfect person to put these shows together.

Microsessions benefits from his experience and he treats his featured acts well.

No newbie, music lover and musician Schomer comes with a formidable pedigree.