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Asp dating software

NET is a powerful open source e-commerce solution with beautiful design, easy handling and cutting-edge architecture.

Your official profile could be a simple handle and your online identity could be written anew in each open window.

Now, a basic Google search reveals not just what you look like, but also your real age, weight, occupation, and, in all likelihood, a picture of you at party doing something ridiculous.

And now the universe of potential matches is much larger. The rise of dating apps has blurred the line between online dating and real-world dating even further. , and Plenty are apps designed to leverage your social network and physical location to find love.

But you aren't sitting in front of your computer doing research; you are out on the street living your life.

Its highly modular design approach makes it the ideal e-commerce platform for . Manage multiple stores from a single installation and database in order to boost brands, make the most of seasonal sales, satisfy consumers and business buyers, promote special products and much more. NET 4.5 MVC 5, Entity Framework 6, MS SQL Server, Io C and Domain Driven Design approach - makes it easy to extend, extremely flexible and essentially fun to work with.

With HTML 5, CSS 3, j Query, Sass CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome & Co. NET offers designers a cutting-edge foundation for creativity, thereby enabling shop design at the highest level. As a shop software that is pre-certified by Trusted Shops Smart Store.

Apps like these make it possible to digitally date in person and in real time.

What used to simply be called "dating" is now an augmented dating reality with constant access to a person's biographical information, lifetime of photos, and employment history. There was a time on the Internet when no one knew you were a dog.

While with our new email builder, you have the power to craft effective marketing emails, and target your customers even better through improved reporting.

And that’s not all, our e-commerce enhancements let you create more personalized e-stores so you can deliver outstanding shopping experiences.

NET meets all legal requirements for web shops in Germany & EU.