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Joannie Rochette’s mother died of a heart attack just two days before her Olympic skate. Her heartfelt words to her mom and bittersweet Olympic moment are captured in this video. In my mind, heart disease was an old man's disease. But now when I think back on it she was a heavy smoker, wasn’t eating very healthy and she was stressed.

Looking back, knowing what I know now, maybe I could have seen it coming a little bit more.

Two days before figure skater Joannie Rochette competed at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, her mother Thérèse died from a heart attack.

Join Joannie and help save lives from heart disease and stroke this year.

Volunteer opportunities include canvassers, area captains and zone leaders. That’s why Heart & Stroke leads the fight against heart disease and stroke.

In spite of a demanding schedule, she didn’t hesitate when asked by Heart & Stroke to become Honorary Chair for Heart & Stroke Canvass.

“I know that heart disease and stroke together are the #1 killers of women globally, yet not enough of us recognize the signs and know what to do.

What began as a modest door-to-door campaign in Kingston, Ont., by local doctors, has grown to nearly 90,000 who join to volunteer across all provinces in Canada, with a goal to raise $10 million annually for research, health promotion and advocacy.