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After the thrashing he got from Ryuho, seeing their darker side just makes him that much angrier.

Her ability to peer into the emotions of the main characters is used frequently throughout the series to bring insight to the characters, and to tease viewers during previews for the next episode.

The series progresses through the initial introduction of the Alter power to a wider understanding of the politics and reason for "The Great Uprising".

Eventually, with help from Mimori Kiryu, he actually manages to escape back to the outside.

As he learns of HOLD and HOLY and their underhanded tactics, Kazuma begins to focus his attention on them.

During one of Ryuhou and Kazuma's battles, they open a gateway to the parallel universe, causing another uprising and attracting the attention of the Mainland government.

The Mainland sends its agent, Kyouji Mujo, to the Lost Ground in an attempt to exploit the power of the parallel universe for economic gain.

There Kazuma comes face to face with a peculiar Alter, one Ryuho had once told him about.