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Gunnar nelson dating

Tickets are $29.50 and $35, available through or Comcast TIX at (877) 544-8499.

“And we get to do this and tell this and sing all those great songs, with the amazing video of the Nelson family, the most televised family in history.”Doing the show also brings the twins a little closer to their dad.“We miss our father much, he was our best friend,” Gunnar says.

“But we realized that with every song of his we did play, we missed him just a little less.”“Ricky Nelson Remembered” featuring Matthew and Gunnar Nelson will be presented in Borgata’s Music Box Friday, July 14 at 9 p.m.

For $175 VIP seating/meet-and-greet tickets, go to or call (609) 347-1616. The children’s show “Kids Bop Best Time Ever Tour” is at Boardwalk Hall Saturday at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $25, $35, $45 and $55, available through or (800) 736-1420.

Performing the show anywhere is fun for the Nelson twins because of the immediate musical bond they form with their late dad each time they’re on stage.

And even though Gunnar and Matthew Nelson are California kids, there’s always something special about a New Jersey gig.“It’s really a homecoming gig for us,” Gunnar says, referring to his family’s New Jersey roots.“Obviously, a lot of people know (our family) was on television and that the show was shot in Hollywood,” Nelson adds.

In addition to his acting and musical chops, Ricky Nelson also had something else working in his favor.

Girls — and guys, too — considered him drop-dead gorgeous, which Gunnar believes may have worked against his dad.

He also holds a black belt in Gōjū-ryū which is a style of Karate.

Gunnar fought for the first time in MMA in 2007 fighting to a draw.

Many of the critics that had earlier cut him down to size for not keeping up with musical trends heaped lavish praise on Nelson’s new group, which many experts considered one of music’s first country-rock bands.