Start Husband s sex chat divorce custody

Husband s sex chat divorce custody

He also claims he tried to initiate mediation on various occasions and I had refused. I didnt leave him to pursue an adulterous relationship, I left him because our failing marriage had become unbearable and we both agreed that it was a trial separation.

But the relationship/marriage was not reconciable on my part as I was still very much in love with my ex boyfriend, and all I wanted to have was a friendship with my husband.

Which there is no evidence of at all as that had never been the agreement.

And that now this adulterous relationship had failed I had come home because I wanted to claim rights over the house and my son.

And the second being where his family would provide me with a deposit to put down on a house and guarantee my mortgage if I would leave him the marital home and my son.

Neither was acceptable for me and when I told him this he said in that case there was no point going to mediation.

His taunts are mainly about how he believes I left him and my son for another man.

And also about the bout of depression I had earlier in the year following my relationship breakdown and miscarriage.

And it made it very difficult for me to get access to my son.