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The venture capitalist denied the allegations and the ones following made by other victims.

'If somebody is creepy toward me, and I'm the owner of the company, I can guarantee they'll be creepy to the models,' she added.

Launching next Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, Sex Chat for Christian Wives is a new podcast in which we’ll be talking about all kinds of things related to sexual intimacy in your marriage. So here are four good reasons you should tune in: 1. We’re big believers in self-care, all of us having learned the importance of getting ourselves in better emotional shape so that our marriages can thrive. We know how it is to be stretched thin among all the roles a woman plays in life and how managing your to-do list is a never-ending test of your resilience.

I could simply say the four reasons to listen are the hosts of this podcast: Because it’s definitely a treat to get four marriage and sex bloggers all on the same podcast with our different perspectives and insight about subjects like sexual positions, the relationship of exercise and sex, female arousal, and more. It’s the airplane safety principle of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you can help others get on their oxygen masks. Our podcasts pack into about 30 minutes what it would probably take you a lot longer to read.

For example, Google is said to have 31 per cent women in its workforce with only 20 actually working in tech spaces.

Gascoigne, of Girls in Tech, feels that the hiring of these models prevents the progress made on getting more girls in tech.

I bet you know some wife who doesn’t like to read blogs, but she would listen to a podcast.

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The tech firms have decided to bring in the 'good looking' recruits while many companies deal with a slew of sexual harassment allegations.'I find it really highly disturbing,' said Adriana Gascoigne, CEO of Girls in Tech to Mercury News.