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She tried to get a Wildebeest calf but was boxed out by whom we suspected to be the calf’s mother.

On day 2, we saw: another Tawny Eagle, Denham’s Bustardmore Southern Crowned Cranes, Spotted Hyena Male Wildebeests challenging each othermore Wattled Cranes Side-striped Jackal Lappet-face Vulture White-backed Vultures, Banded Mongooses, a mother and 2 baby Black Rumped Button Quail, Sooty Chat, Red-billed Quelea, more Oribi, Black-shouldered Kite, Long-toed Lapwing Great White Egret Spur-winged Goose, Plain Zebras, 2 Hyneas in mud around water hole who came up to check out our vehicle.

During the day, we saw a group of men from the village within the park who were going fishing.

This is a multi-day “bonding” experience for the younger men.

Initially, we thought that Carol was run into by the Wildebeest.