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Paula creamer is dating

It’s an individual sport, and I have to be selfish at times. But I think for anybody, really, especially these days, you have to be so careful. I have my really good close friends, and I love to have a good time and meet people, but naturally I am very guarded in what I do.

As Creamer explains:“On tour, dating is pretty much not really an option.

You’re going all over the place, usually your mind is set in your own ways.

And did we mention that she’s a professional athlete, not a professional model (though she could have fooled us) and that her “week off” was anything but that.

[former N’Sync member Justin Timberlake] And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!

Her talent on course and her competitive spirit have led to solid performances in six Solheim Cups; Her 75-foot eagle putt to win the 2014 HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore is one of the most dramatic moments in golf history.

The Sensota Country Club put a plaque in the fairway to commemorate the spot from which she hit her approach, and the video highlight of the putt on Twitter has garnered more than 68 million impressions.

Everybody knows they have to be vulnerable at times, you let your walls down, but it’s tough.