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Timoner’s website describes Harris as a man who has spent his life following his unique vision of the future, where technology and media dictate human social interaction and define our personal identity.

In 2004, Time Out New York said: “This year has already brought two rock documentaries about squabbling band mates: ‘Metallica: Some Kind of Monster’, and ‘The End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones’; but those are mere lovers tiffs compared with the discord Ondi Timoner captured in DIG! It’s set to be unleashed on the public through Video on Demand and DVD release on March 1, 2010.

Like opening night, instead of it being one film, it was three or four showing around town. You are so immersed in filming and editing projects; and have taken so little time off over the past 15 years…

And documentaries were no longer just in the Holiday Village Cinema. What was it like to step out of that role, and spend 10 days watching movies, being on the jury, and hanging out in Utah?

When you get home from Sundance, you get invitations to everywhere. I think any longer than that is not really a good idea.

I was just on the jury; and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s just keep it short.

Webcams planted throughout their loft documented their relationship as it slowly broke down under the pressure of constant surveillance. So in America, it was kind of interesting balancing being a juror at Sundance while keeping an eye on all of this.

We went into this interview prepared for a mainstream feature: A carefully ordered list of questions and follow-up questions; facts and figurations; observations, quotations - all carefully ordered and condensed to fit with our allotted time. I would be having to watch 16 films, then run around and do a million things; then all of a sudden it’s like all these guys in the U. and America had all these deadlines on us and had to get to print. I guess it’s all coming out March 1st, but I’m not too concerned about the U. We’ve got such an ambitious plan for America right now that I’m really going to focus on that. But if I go in public, I figure that’s what I should do.

"He really takes the only relationship that he's ever had that was close and intimate and beaches it on 30 motion-controlled surveillance cameras and 66 invasive microphones.