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When performing radioactive dating scientists measure the

DNA is the material inside the cells that carry genetic information.

The experiences of the indigenous people of South Africa, such as the Khoisan, as well as the heritage of ordinary black people, was ignored. Heritage resources are places or things that have natural or cultural significance.

The Voortrekker Monument was not only about Afrikaner heritage.

It also had political and ideological considerations.

Heritage resources are usually tangible (things we can touch and see), but they can also be intangible, such as belief systems.

A heritage place is usually a specific area or site, which is valued by people because it means something to them.

For example, the vast landscape of the u Khahlamba-Drakensberg mountains contains important ecosystems, which are a vital part of our natural heritage.

There are also ancient San rock art paintings in caves throughout the range which give us an insight into the San way of life.

It includes the DNA in our bodies, the language we speak, the culture that we are a part of, the beliefs we have, the food we eat, the music we listen to, the places we live in and the memories of our families, friends and community.