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Sean is among the more common names on the list but can cause confusion, with some thinking it is pronounced 'seen' rather than 'shawn'.

In a tearful address to reporters on Monday, the girl's mother seemed to believe someone had abducted her girl. She's my baby, she's my everything,' the mother of three said.

'Just to be able to touch her and hold her and not let her go again.

In October, CPS began granting unsupervised overnight visits with his sister and her pit bulls who lived in a small trailer that sat adjacent to a home where two of Tyler's siblings lived.

Griffin-Heady had raised the pit bulls, a mother and two offspring, since they were puppies.

So it is of little surprise that all three names are among the names that the majority of us stumble over. It comes days after she released a similar video shedding light on the complexities of girls' names, including Mia, Isla and Eva.

Now English You Tuber Lucy Earl, who runs the English with Lucy channel, has explained how to correctly say 10 boys' names that are commonly mispronounced.

They say they found some items of interest in the woods behind the home, but are unsure if it's connected to the girl's disappearance yet.

The FBI is now assisting local and state law enforcement in the case.

She was soon appearing on magazine covers including . She was married to entertainment lawyer Simran Singh from 2009 to 2011. Jaime’s success is in no small part due to her determination.

“Determination is kind of like rhythm: You can’t teach it,” she told .

At the time of the attack, Tyler was staying with his half-sister, Alexandria Griffin-Heady, who hoped to "rescue" him from the foster system.