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Who is shahid kapoor dating now

Apparently, Mira was in Mumbai recently and the photographers saw her, and tried to click a picture of her but failed. Engagement and wedding Mira is busy preparing for her graduation exams which will be held next month.

I don't remember,' and I was like, 'Very conveniently you have erased it out of your memory.'"Sparks flew between Saif and Kareena during the making of Tashan (2007), and although the film bombed at the box office, their relationship was the talk of the town.

What Shahid said"I am not engaged, but what you are reading is kind of true. She is a normal girl and I am a normal boy, and we should treat it as a normal thing. I am very happy to announce it."We will have to wait for Shahid to reveal more details about his relationship.

Watch this space for more news on the new Bollywood couple.

That’s the worst advice ever.”If Shahid, has to stop being Shahid you don’t stand a chance.

“When the stakes get high in any area of your life, you need to be a better or different version of yourself.

Go ahead and disregard that cliched piece of advice your well meaning uncle gave you.

Shahid Kapoor confirms what you secretly already knew, “Anybody who tells you to just be yourself in a relationship is bullshitting.

Marriage fixed In January, the families of the two met formally to finalize the wedding.