Start Updating intellisense 2016

Updating intellisense 2016

In these scenarios, the language service was unable to provide any Intelli Sense support.

The alternate would be individually list all DLLs to exclude.

The new Java Script language service, codenamed “Salsa”, is now available in Visual Studio “15” Preview.

But how to incorporate the cool features in VS Code editor to work in Pi 2. I will explain from the very basic like how to install OS in Pi 2 and how to download various tools needed for this assignments.

1) Download Raspbian Jessie OS downloaded from Raspberry Pi website https:// 2) Once downloaded the zip file, unzip it and use Win32Disk Imager-0.9.5-install software to install the image to SD card.

A suggestion by Steve Mc Gill was to exclude the files from publish instead an leave file, but there is one of those per publish profile and I was under the impression that meant the need to edit/update multiple files with those setting.

Instead, Steve suggested using a reference file in the Publish Profiles and updating those, kind of like a global settings.

The problem however is that setting this value causes you to lose Intellisense from your Razor Views/Webform controls, although everything should continue to build and work as expected though. Another advantage of setting is that those DLLs are not included in the output directory of your build.