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Chat with divorced adults

No matter what I asked for, no matter how small, I never got it.

You can certainly apologize for responding sharply in the heat of the moment, but that doesn’t mean you should apologize for deciding to return the gifts.

Unfortunately, my dad, the family bigmouth, overheard us and told my brother.

This weekend, Jean made a snide remark about how I didn’t understand the “true meaning of Christmas” and how I’m withholding their gifts simply because I’m not getting anything in return.

They have five kids, both together and via previous marriages, so I understand, but would have appreciated more notice.

My mom asked what I was going to do, and I said I’d keep the gifts for the kids but return the ones I got for my brother and Jean.

On his ex-wife's birthday, Billy Flynn woke up early to buy flowers, cards, and gifts for his boys to give their mom.

He then helped his two kids make her breakfast and surprise her with the treats.

Here’s a sample script that avoids offering excuses: Your terrible family: “You can’t do that! Your great-aunt is slowly turning into a maple tree, and this might be our last year with her! But you can do this, and you are going to feel worlds better when you don’t have to spend your time managing your family’s feelings and expectations.