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Im searching for a man that caring, sweet, passionate and responsive to his women need.[BR] I am not into physical 121 private sex chat directory london im more depend around the personal vibes around the personal attraction...kinda strange but [BR]i follow my instinct..should you trhink youre the one which i'm searching for just buzz me up ....i'm the main one using the [BR]butterfly messenger......, ill watch for you soon , my dark night.[BR][BR]this my mesenger I.

Probably you will notice me inside a tshirt and jeans, with boots on or athletic shoes.

God is my rock and that i cling to him for everything. In my opinion honesty is paramount for 121 private sex chat directory london amazing relationship. Therefore if that's your factor then I am not the lady for you personally.

I'm a RA (resident assistant) inside my college to twenty freshmen football gamers :). I really like with my whole heart and hold nothing back.

[BR]However i dislike cheats, liars, people who dont say thank raw tomatoes, whisky, the smell of cat food and bad fitting shoes!