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Aunty sex chat to read

She noticed this a couple of times, as time passed and my limits extended.

“ouuuuuuuuuchh ohhhhh maa” she cried again “go slow it hurts” She said again in a whisper sounding like a slut, I put my entire body weight on her and started kissing her lips again while crushing her breasts I touched her everywhere, but in between she still kept on resisting a little finally when I felt her body shiver again and her breathing very fast, I looked at her with her eyes closed and mouth open her breasts falling and rising with her fast breathing she looked like a slut ready to be fucked hard.

I grabbed her blouse and ripped it open “oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I probably hurt her a little while ripping the thin blouse I grabbed her tits and squeezed them kneaded them kissed them bit them and abused them in every possible manner all Sandhya did was play with my hair while I did that encouraging me to do it more.

Sandhya would sometimes step out in her blouse and petticoat to pick up those undergarments after shower and noticed the wet spots, she looked angrily at me but didn’t say anything.

This story is when I had just finished my college and was around 20 years old. I never looked at his mother Sandhya sexually until one day when Tushar was at the market and I reached his house and his mother told me he will be back in a little while, she was washing clothes and was a little wet.

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I moved my hand from her waist to the upper ass region and then slowly slid down to the middle and squeezed it “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” she gasped.