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She looks for a man who is a strong leader and will protect the family. Leaving their family and friends behind is a big decision that thousands of Russian women take every year.

They are well educated, intelligent and as a bonus - they are amazingly sexy!

Single Russian women are looking for a serious man to share a long-term relationship based on live and respect.

Every Russian and Ukrainian registered with our marriage agency network verifies her identity with passport in hands.

Once established that the lady is single and seeking a foreign husband, she fills a questionnaire where she depicts her personality, interests and she indicates what criteria she looks for in a future husband.

Because of the unavailability of single men, they know how difficult it may get for their daughters to find a good husband - so they begin preparing them from an early age.

They show them on how to be feminine, how to always take good care of their body and how to become an excellent wife for their beloved husband.

They are looking for a reliable and faithful man to create a family with.

They are what is considered to be old fashioned in other countries - they consider their husband as the head of the family and for whom they will be a loving and caring wife.

Not the biggest secret in the world’s history, which is usually invoked by my contemporaries of the opposite sex, that the best and most talented defenders of women’s rights and her natural features have always been men only.

And it is a must to clarify: that there were the best of men, among those defenders, such as Platon, Pericles, Alexander the great, Marcus Aurelius, Immanuel Kant, Liev Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Alexander Kuprin and many other world-class geniuses.

If you share these precious traditional values, then one of these beautiful Russian girls may be your future bride.