Start Stop ie 9 from updating

Stop ie 9 from updating

He is telling a user how to do's still the user's choice. How are we ever going to know when IE8 is acceptable. Does that mean that they have gone on to work on IE9?

Let Microsoft know that their stranglehold on the consumer is waning, and will not be tolerated.

Without MS, Leo would not have much work to do, but I give him credit for trying to help the masses overcome what MS has wrought. I also don't get that annoying active X controls bleeping sound. I installed IE8 about four months ago, just to see what it would do. It was faster than IE7, and when a tab crashed, the whole thing didn't go down - and the tab recovered almost instantly.

Once you do so, you'll get this option: Check the "don't notify me" option, and proceed with your update.