Start Updating escd phoenix award bios 6 0pg

Updating escd phoenix award bios 6 0pg

For M-technology motherboards you might have to set the bios jumpers to program mode (or 5V Flash mode).

Ok to setting the CDrom to MASTER on the Secondary. i will try get back online 8hours from now to post the outcome of your advice. i'm sorry, Tumbleweed36 i haven't been able to login last night.

here's what happened: after i followed your instructions setting the HD and its jumper to master settings; and setting DVDrom and its jumper to master setting, the POST screen and BIOS correctly confirmed the setup as primary master & psecondary master.

however, i still can't get past the POST screen and BIOS.

anyway, i was about to play my fav music and Miles sound system popped up in the open context menu (right_click option) and instead of choosing Media Player i clicked "Miles sound" 'cos i thought, Hey let's try how this Miles interface looks, after all, it's with Call of Duty 2" instead.