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However, they might not appear before the end of the year, as the features still require “a lot of development” and Whats App “has other priorities” right now.

Fifty Shades Freed opens with Anastasia Steel (Dakota Johnson) finally marrying billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a man so possessive that he had her followed by a private detective, broke into her house, sold her property without her knowledge and bought the company she worked for.

In the last film he even admitted that he’s a sadist who likes hurting women who look like the crack addicted mother who abandoned him… Any sane person at their wedding party would give them six months, tops.

But to hear Fifty Shades Freed tell it, their biggest problem isn’t Christian Grey’s neediness or Anastasia Steele’s eagerness to overlook his debilitating emotional problems whenever he buys her something fancy or shows her how to use a different sex toy.

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