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Kyuhyun dating

He is absolutely beyond happy that he gets to be the father of your children. When you two are first meeting each other, he would be kinda awkwardly shy (ya know.. He’d be really interested in the country that you are from and would ask you questions about a bunch of random things, it would probably be so funny.

Featuring your host: Admin Sweet Medusa “but i don’t understand why what kyuhyun said is bad?

”“the show is about being mean to idols, she should’ve known what was going to happen”“she should’ve known.”okay, so i normally don’t post about kpop on this blog, but i’m going to explain to you why what kyuhyun did was bad, and why we should be shaming him (not hara) for what happened on radio star.

He might look for a girl who is spontaneous and has a really good sense of humour.

He would definitely consider dating someone who isn’t asian or american/canadian.

He’d love to spoil you and would always make you feel like you are his one and only, his entire world.

He’d tell you that too, every day he would tell you that he loves you and cherish you every moment he can.

If the foreigner didn’t speak korean they might feel a bit uncomfortable with communication, that would be the only problem. now, if the foreigner girl spoke korean that would change things.

he would probably be okay with dating a korean speaking foreigner for sure!

I feel like he wouldn’t spoil you with gifts, but he would write a song for you or make a dance for you.

Having him as a husband would soooo fun and you would never know what to expect, it’d be really exciting!

Ryeowook was completely in his own world singing and cooking at the same time not noticing you enter the room.