Start Powerful countenance or intimidating

Powerful countenance or intimidating

A picture of how vastly superior the New Covenant is over the Old Covenant: When Moses asked the Lord to show him His Glory, the Lord said no man can see My Face and live.

On the Cross, Jesus went from being a fully accepted Son to being orphaned.

(Ps 22:1 “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me? That is so you could go from being orphaned to being a FULLY accepted Son the moment you believed.

The clearer you see His Face with the eyes of your heart, the more your face shines with His Glory.

This prayer is the prayer that ushers in His Return, because when our faces are shining with His Glory, the Bride has become the Glorious Bride.“The enemy cannot abide in Heaven.

You may find this sad, but the truth is, many in My Body beat themselves every day with words of condemnation, guilt , and unworthiness, hoping to make themselves more Holy in My sight. Not only does the One who stopped the Sun in the sky for Joshua live in you, the One who MADE that Sun, lives in you.

I fully accept you, due to the finished work of Jesus ALONE. You will not be standing in front of your pastor on the last day. There is NO LIMIT to what I can do through any of My Children. Go forth boldly then, and change the world, in Jesus Name. So when we speak His Word aloud, He is also speaking His Word over us.

Encouraging health professionals to listen to what the child has to say goes some way to challenging the suspicion of abuse.

Nonetheless, in the role-play analyzed, the mounting suspicion so antagonized the mother that an angry confrontation with the doctor ensued, the doctor being forced to make an embarrassing apology.

The purpose of this article is to explore and examine how the value judgments of the health professionals involved affected the interaction between themselves and a mother with her injured child who presented at an accident and emergency department.

The interaction is depicted by means of a classroom role-play in which the “actors” are nurses.

In the New Covenant, as Sons of God, we are INSIDE the Person who walked past Moses, since we are in Christ.