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Validating carrier

Three professional staff members work with the Colonel and two Lieutenant Colonels in General Headquarters, where they can easily collaborate with all sections, units and field locations.

In addition, the Aviation Section conducts: • Aerial searches, often utilizing the Forward-Looking Infra-Red – or FLIR; • Photo missions; • Marijuana location and eradication missions; • Enforcement of school bus and railroad crossing violations; • Operation TRIAD – which stands for Targeting Reckless, Intimidating, and Aggressive Drivers – where "road rage" and aggressive driving types of violations are occurring; and concentrated following too closely enforcement details; • Emergency transportation; and • Technical service for aircraft crash investigations and enforcement of laws governing air traffic.

All aircraft are equipped with programmable NAT police radios.

We address a stochastic dynamic distribution problem where a family of products needs to be shipped from a warehouse to a distribution center (DC).

Uncertainty is on carriers’ availability and demand at the DC.

If an officer is sitting on the other side of railroad tracks waiting for a violator to go across the track illegally, a person is probably not going to illegally cross the tracks with the officer visible.

Aerial Searches, Including Assistance to other Agencies, Including FLIR Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) can be an effective tool for searching for fleeing traffic violators or other fugitives on the run.

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