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Why are the customers put on hold, even though over 50% of them hang up and 34% never call again?

Cyber Guide Live Chats are online chats with STEM professionals and e CYBERMISSION staff.

To set up a customer service department you need to be an expert on inter-personal relations, you have to know the most popular customer service channels and how to manage them.

To help you with the task of creating a full-blown customer service department, we’ve prepared a guide on the most important aspects of customer support.

Although Michael’s live on-line debut didn’t significantly boost HIStory‘s sales, it drew more than 25,000 participants worldwide (besting Sandra Bullock’s record of 2,035) in an event marketed as the first ”simulchat” (hosted by on-line services America On line, Compu Serve, and Prodigy; and accessible on the Internet).